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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

N.I.PS Academy is located in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi. N.I.P.S Academy was established in response to the market demand. It located on the third floor of central market with a total of 65 students.

Maximizing the space usage in a limited area was the challenge for ArchiDesign. The Firm worked out the solution—Maximizing Potential by utilizing the space reasonably. By exploring the children’s nature, teaching ideas and space features, the designers created a spacious scale relationship in a limited space as a way to remove the traditional views on insufficiency in children activities in a small institute, and also created a space full of fun and relaxation.

Among the teaching philosophies followed by N.I.P.S Academy, “Immersive English Teaching” and “Every Unique Child” are two of the most important terms. With these ideas in mind, ArchiDesigns has reconsidered the relationship between language teaching and learning space. ArchiDesigns has created more of the necessary conditions for children to communicate and socialize naturally through scenario-based design. Concurrently, a higher teacher-student ratio was also reflected in the space division. The internal space design structure embodied a concept of “Group Unit”. The designers divided one big class into two small classes, and each class had 8 students.

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