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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

The client, a young advocate couple wanted primarily an office that will accommodate their present & future staff . One of the briefs was to have an office that will aesthetically be different from the other legal offices in the vicinity.

Our response to their requirements started by understanding their way of working, the clientele they had and the kind of growth they were aiming to achieve in the near future.

Then considering functional requirements, we segregated the user and visitor spaces. Separate entries were defined for office staff and visitors.

The entrance foyer acts like a semi-private space where visitors are attended.Further, keeping in mind the level of concentration required by their staff while working with documents and legal terms, the workstation designs were defined. Looking at the client’s working style, all desks were placed facing in one direction so that he is able to oversee each person’s screen.

The contextual setting also played an important role in helping us define our spaces. Our effort was in creating an office space that will not look like a typical advocate’s office, so that the visitors who come here, get a subtle sense of relief from the high level of stress that they carry due to their legal problems.

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