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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Situated in the urban settings of the Gujrawala Town area in New Delhi, "The Chugh's Residence" is a 2600 sqft with every amenity present in it for one to have a lavish dwell. The apartment offers luxury giving an opulent vibe. The client who approached us is a businessman whose only requirement was to make the space modish and elegant with overall turnkey solutions. "The Chugh's Residence" can be counted as an honest attempt by our interior designers to bring out the best of the space which resulted in modernism as well as minimalism. Attention to details was path followed and we took that and designed every element present would belong together and add value by its presence. Using a variety of material in furniture and finishes with pattern play in fabrics and wood finishes, we created complexity in spaces which added that overwhelming feeling and presentation to each and every space within the entire space.

As we enter inside the dwelling, one would visualize a complete Roman theme of the whole space with a modern touch. The Italian marble flooring goes very well with the overall theme and brings a luxurious feel to the space. The pistachio green colours of the walls make the whole space look very unique and blend with each and every element present there. The couch whose fabric is selected very smartly by our interior designers for this unique space merges very well with other elements. The designer chairs have a modern look with geometric pattern that acts as a centre of attraction for the room.

Meandering through the living area to the parents' room, it is designed in a contemporary concept keeping in mind the old age factor of the parents as well as their choice being simple and sober.

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